The trustee called shareholders of SKOK Skarbiec for additional contributions to shares

The trustee called shareholders of SKOK Skarbiec for additional contributions to shares

During the bankruptcy proceedings conducted against the Spółdzielcza Kasa Oszczędnościowo-Kredytowa Skarbiec, the receiver called on the members of SKOK Skarbiec for payment of 94 PLN . The indicated amount is an additional payment to their shares in SKOK Skarbiec, whose value increased by 950%. The increase took place on 30th of June 2015, when the Members ‘Representatives’ Meeting raised the share price. The case most probably affects 24,000 people and arouses controversy and objection from some members of SKOK Skarbiec.

This is not the first situation when the trustee calls the shareholders of SKOK for a payment. The receiver’s request for additional payment also took place in the bankruptcy proceedings conducted against SKOK Wołomin, where the subsidy amounts were significantly higher – even up to 1,500.00 PLN. The National Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Department of Judicial Proceedings, even made a remark concerning the subsidies. According to the communication presented by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the receiver’s appeal does not find legal grounds.

During the bankruptcy proceedings of SKOK-Wołomin, the Ministry of Justice verified the actions taken by the official receiver and the judge-commissioner without finding faults. Also MOJ did not find any grounds to withdraw the trustee’s qualifications. At the same time, it was noticed that there is no developed practice of bankruptcy proceedings regarding cooperative coffers, which affects divergent assessments of the adopted legal procedure.



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