Scientific conference: Challenging a debtor’s legal act carried out in a way that wrongs creditors

Scientific conference: Challenging a debtor’s legal act carried out in a way that wrongs creditors

On 30 November 2018, the team of the Restructuring and Insolvency Department participated in a scientific conference on appealing against a debtor’s legal act performed with creditors’ compensation, which took place at the Lazarski University in Warsaw. The conference was organized by the Institute of Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law and Insolvency Research of Lazarski University in Warsaw and Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

The conference brought together many representatives of science and law practice. The speakers were the most eminent specialists. In the order of speeches they were:

  1. Bartosz Sierakowski, MA, who discussed national jurisdiction in cases related to the Pauline complaint in the light of the case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union,
  2. Prof. Wojciech Popiołek, who presented the issues of applicable law in cases from the Pauline complaint,
  3. Prof. Piotr Machnikowski, who discussed the essence and effects of the ineffectiveness of a debtor’s legal act done to the detriment of creditors,
  4. Małgorzata Manowska, PhD, who presented her remarks against the background of the court case-law concerning the course of the proceedings from the Pualine complaint,
  5. Tomasz Szanciło, PhD, who discussed the issue of securing a claim under the Pauline complaint,
  6. Anna Hrycaj, PhD, who presented the course of proceedings from the Pauline complaint in the event of bankruptcy of a creditor, a third party or a debtor,
  7. Patryk Filipiak, PhD, who presented a draft of legislative changes concerning the ineffectiveness of a legal act in bankruptcy proceedings,
  8. Paweł Grzegorczyk, PhD, who discussed the legal situation of a Pauline creditor in the event of the creditors of a third party initiating the execution of its assets,
  9. Patryk Filipiak, PhD, who presented the issue of satisfying the Pauline creditor in the bankruptcy proceedings of a third party.

Moreover, during the conference there was a poster session and a speech by young scientists.

The whole event should be regarded as very successful. The participants took part in the discussion. It turned out that there are many legal issues that still require in-depth studies and analyses.

The organizers invited to the next events of the cycle, which is to take place in June 2019.


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