Poles’ debt increased in the third quarter of 2019

Poles’ debt increased in the third quarter of 2019

In the third quarter of 2019, the liabilities of Poles increased to the total amount of 78.7 billion. The number of debtors increased by another 31 thousand people, and the most indebted Pole has PLN 72 million to repay.

Poles most often do not pay their obligations under loans, credits, lease agreements, insurance, telephone bills, alimony, court costs or debts to debt collection companies. The average amount per 1 debtor is about PLN 27 thousand.

The analysis shows that men are more often the debtors (61.4%) and it is them who are the majority of total liabilities (66.8%).

The increase in the number of unreliable debtors translated into an increase in the Polish Late Payments Index. Currently, for every thousand inhabitants, 90 of them have problems with settling their obligations.


Source: www.pap.pl/aktualnosci/news%2C544304%2Cdlugi-polakow-wzrosly-do-787-mld-zl-rekordzista-ma-do-oddania-ok-72-mln-zl

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