Transport companies are getting worse and worse

Transport companies are getting worse and worse

The latest Cofas report shows that in the transport industry there will be an increase in the insolvency of companies by more than 50%. In turn, in the second quarter of 2020, the situation will deteriorate further and a wave of bankruptcies awaits us.

At the same time, Jan Buczek – Head of the Association of International Road Carriers informed that many transport companies decided to end their operations at the end of 2019.

The reason for such actions is the tightening of EU regulations on temporary posting of workers, which impose an obligation on entrepreneurs to include local remuneration, i.e. at the place of order execution, in the employee’s remuneration.

Moreover, in their contracts, carriers are much worse off than their contracting parties ordering the service. Transport companies are obliged to pay high penalties, e.g. for delays. On the other hand, principals reserve the right to cancel transport in contracts until the time of its completion.


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