Court declared Wagon Opole bankrupt

Court declared Wagon Opole bankrupt

The District Court in Opole announced the bankruptcy of the company Wagon Opole, which was repairing wagons for PKP Intercity. The bankruptcy petition was filed by the company’s employees who had not received their salaries for several months. In the bankruptcy petition, the employees also pointed to their outstanding arrears towards ZUS and the Tax Office.

The wagon repair shops in Opole were established in 1907. In 1991, the Opole Railway Rolling Stock Repair Plant was separated and transformed into TS Opole. TS Opole, due to a drop in orders, declared bankruptcy in February 2014, and the management of the assets was taken over by a receiver. In 2015, Slovak businessman Peter Varačka invested in the plants. Wagon Opole was established and the whole company was leased from the trustee. The company obtained orders to repair PKP Inercity wagons.

Due to the Company’s problems, some of its employees became redundant and some started working for PKP Intercity Remtrak.




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