Growing indebtedness of travel agencies

Growing indebtedness of travel agencies

Many industries are suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Among them, the tourism industry is considered to be heavily affected.

Micro-enterprises running a sole proprietorship in the area of this industry constitute the vast majority of debtors in the National Debt Register (KRD). 529 companies from the tourism industry have already been recorded in the Register, which is 41 more than at the beginning of the pandemic.

Tourism companies’ obligations to banks and suppliers build up faster than other companies. At the end of August this year. amounted to nearly PLN 120 million. For this reason, more and more companies decide to suspend their activities. In 2020, about 1.5 thousand enterprises made such a decision, which is more than a half compared to last year.

Source: A. Woźniak, Długi biur podróży sięgaj 120 mln zł, Rzeczpospolita 21 października 2020.

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