On new tracks

On new tracks

The successful restructuring of the construction company Trakcja translated into improved financial results.

Trakcja S.A. is one of the largest companies operating in the infrastructure construction sector. In 2019, due to financial problems, the company’s representatives decided to restructure. With the participation of the Industrial Development Agency, remedial actions ended with the improvement of defective processes.

The result of the restructuring was winning and implementing new contracts. As a result, the company for 2020 recorded satisfactory financial results. There are reasons to worry about the low number of tenders for investment from state-owned institutions.

This prompted construction companies, including Trakcja, to appeal to PKP PLK, GDDKiA and other leading state investors to accelerate investments to be financed from the EU budget planned for 2021-2027.

Source: https://www.rynek-kolejowy.pl/mobile/trakcja-pkp-plk-i-gddkia-powinny-przyspieszyc-przetargi-101232.html

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