Discontinuation of subsidies from the Shield

Discontinuation of subsidies from the Shield

It is time to redeem subsidies from Shield 1.0.

At the beginning of April, a year will pass from the entry into force of the provisions introducing the so-called

Anti-crisis Shield 1.0. Polish Development Fund (PFR). This means that the period of redemption of subsidies received by entrepreneurs is approaching.

According to the announcements of PFR representatives, cooperation with banks and the National Clearing House was established to streamline and automate the process.

The redemption of the subsidy will take place after the fulfillment of objective conditions:

  • the company must continue to operate;
  • the company has not been allowed to have suspension periods since the grant of the subsidy;
  • the company must continue to maintain employment;
  • the company must show a loss (this condition applies to companies with more than 9 employees).

Source: https://www.prawo.pl/biznes/umorzenie-subwencji-z-tarczy-pfr-10-to-65-70-proc,506914.html

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