Little interest in the travel voucher

Little interest in the travel voucher

The tourist voucher, introduced before last year’s holidays, is of little interest.

The introduction of the voucher was guided by the idea of ​​partial compensation for the cost of rest for people who, after a few months of facing the coronavirus, would like to go on vacation. Approximately 4.2 million pieces of tourist vouchers were put into use. At the moment, it has been noted that Poles have benefited from only 1.3 million.

This means that more than half of the bills are waiting to be activated. These numbers cause concern among hoteliers who were willing to use the voucher to hope to improve the situation of their businesses. They all agree that the reason for the low interest in travels is the clients’ concerns and uncertainty about the functioning of the hotel. So they made efforts to minimize customer doubts. Many facilities introduce discounts and / or the so-called flexible booking, i.e. the ability to freely change the booked date.



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