Previous forms of support

Previous forms of support

Over the past year, various forms of support for entrepreneurs have been developed.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, various forms of support have been launched, addressed to entrepreneurs operating in sectors of the economy that have been strongly affected by the changing situation.

Over the past year, several so-called anti-crisis shield. As part of these shields, financial shields supervised by the Polish Development Fund (PFR) and industry shields were launched. The difference between the shields boiled down to the forms of support provided and the scope of entities that could apply for financial assistance.

The funds under the shields were to maintain the financial liquidity of companies and jobs. At that time, they were offered: exemption from social security contributions, the so-called standstill, co-financing of employee salaries, subsidies, and postponement and extension of some tax deadlines.

It was estimated that the support under the anti-crisis shields amounted to billions of zlotys.

Source: Dotacje, ulgi i pożyczki, czyi przegląd źródeł wsparcia dla MŚP, Puls Biznesu 25 marca 2021.

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