Settlement of financial support by transformed companies

Settlement of financial support by transformed companies

Settlement of the financial support received under the Financial Shield 1.0 by the transformed companies.

According to the regulations, entrepreneurs who received financial support as part of the first edition of the anti-crisis shield and transformed their companies last year should inform the Polish Development Fund (PFR) about the change. This obligation was equally shared by the owners of all enterprises, regardless of their size. On the other hand, the size of the enterprise and the continuation of its activity were important at the time of the occurrence or no need to obtain consent for the said transformation. Well, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) did not need PFR approval, provided that after the transformation, the activity of a given company was continued in the transformed company. On the other hand, large companies were required to obtain the aforementioned PFR consent each time.

All this is important for the settlement of the subsidy. Any omissions related to the failure to inform the PFR or obtain the consent of the PFR for the transformation of the company may result in the necessity to return the entire amount of the received subsidy.

It is worth recalling that the settlement period for the beneficiaries of Financial Shield 1.0 began at the end of April. Each of the entrepreneurs who received financial support in the first anti-crisis shield a year ago is obliged to settle accounts with PFR.


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