Beauty industry problems

Beauty industry problems

The beauty industry reports problems.

The beauty industry was directly affected by two lockdowns that occurred 12 months apart.

During this time, they were unable to recover and continued to see a decline in revenues of around 30% compared to the time before the coronavirus pandemic. A survey conducted among people running hairdressing and beauty salons showed that:

  • 24% of people consider reducing employment at the level of 60%,
  • nearly 50% of people do not intend to reduce the number of jobs in their showrooms,
  • as many as 27% of people have not yet made a decision in this regard.

During the last lockdown, the Ombudsman for Small and Medium-sized Entrepreneurs acted on behalf of the beauty industry, asking for it to be covered by the industry shield (we wrote about it here). It now emphasizes that the aid should also be extended to closely related industries dealing with the sale and delivery of products to showrooms.



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