Polish industry in two guises

Polish industry in two guises

Polish industry in two guises.

Data showing the condition of Polish industry in the last year and at the beginning of this year show two sides of the coin. In 2020, industrial production developed in waves. Sometimes we observed a high regression in production, and other times the production results were much better than in the comparable period in the previous years. However, on the other hand, the highest number of open restructuring proceedings since 2016 was observed. The reasons for this state of affairs are believed to be in the strong connection between the industrial and construction sectors, which also saw an increase in financial problems in the first quarter of 2021. In addition, some will still adhere to quick responses to gradually emerging crises. The effect of postponement is a deepening state of insolvency, which over time requires the implementation of much more radical remedial measures.

Source: https://mojafirma.infor.pl/biznes-finanse/5255399,Mariusz-Grajda-Firmy-poglebiaja-kryzys-dzialajac-w-pojedynke.html

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