The simplified restructuring will remain permanent

The simplified restructuring will remain permanent

Everything indicates that simplified restructuring will stay with us for longer.

In a dozen or so days, a year will pass from the implementation of a new type of restructuring, the so-called simplified procedure. The introduction of this solution to the legal order was a response to the need for entrepreneurs to adapt to the reality shaped by the coronavirus pandemic. It was assumed that the time for using this option would be limited and lasted one year. However, the great interest in this type of restructuring prompted the commencement of work to introduce a permanent simplified restructuring. According to the announcements, it was supposed to happen on July 1, but the proceedings under the Act on the National Debt Register assumes the postponement of this deadline to November 30. Thus, the possibility of taking advantage of the simplified restructuring in the current form is extended. As of December 1, the catalog of entrepreneurs that can benefit from this restructuring will be limited. It has been planned that this possibility will exclude debtors against whom proceedings for approval of an arrangement have been pending in the past 10 years or the restructuring that is pending against them has ended in remission.


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Simplified restructuring

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