The (un) stable situation of entrepreneurs

The (un) stable situation of entrepreneurs

Most entrepreneurs assess their situation as unstable.

The number of entrepreneurs who are concerned about the future of their businesses is definitely higher than last year. According to the Spokesman for Small and Medium Enterprises, it is the aftermath of the reduction of support provided to entrepreneurs in need. Well, in spring 2020, aid was widely offered, and in autumn, only entrepreneurs with a strictly defined PKD code, which did not always coincide with their activities, could count on help.

Currently, the owners and managers of shopping centers and hotel owners are paying attention to the biggest problems. Although representatives of these industries agree that they see the growing interest of customers and visitors, they emphasize that for a long time their functioning was either limited or impossible.

The construction and development industries are in a much better situation. The interest in buying flats has not decreased, on the contrary, a dynamic increase in this respect is systematically observed. Courier, online and IT sales companies, i.e. those that handle e-commerce, are doing equally well.

Entrepreneurs also complain about the excessively long waiting time for provisions regulating and organizing the rapidly changing reality and about the ambiguity of interpretation of legal acts.


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