Positive subsidy effects

Positive subsidy effects

Positive effects of the subsidies granted.

As part of the “Grants for working capital” program supervised by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP), non-returnable support was provided to micro and small enterprises in the total amount of approx. PLN 900 million. The companies allocated the funds raised to their day-to-day operations and thus many of them avoided bankruptcy. Moreover, experts note that entrepreneurs who receive support are definitely more willing to make new investments faster.

There are also positive effects from the Smart Growth program, which grants liquidity loans to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

It is worth emphasizing that applying for and obtaining support under one of these programs did not limit applying for support from the other.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/szybsze-odbicie-w-firmach-dzieki-dotacjom-1120336


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