Hybrid is the optimal solution

Hybrid is the optimal solution

Hybrid is the optimal solution.

Representatives of the event industry emphasize that June has been the best month for their activities so far. It was then that the increased interest in various types of events was noticed, resulting from the calming of public moods resulting from the frostbite of the economy. Currently, however, along with the announcements of the next wave and subsequent restrictions, there is a noticeable caution on the part of customers in planning autumn events. Therefore, representatives of the event industry emphasize that the hybrid organization of meetings, i.e. partly stationary and partly online, is an optimal solution, which will be modified, not canceled, when the incidence increases.

Many companies survived the sixteen-month stagnation only thanks to the support provided under the first and second shield of the Polish Development Fund (PFR), which is estimated at PLN 600 million.

Source: https://edgp.gazetaprawna.pl/e-wydanie/58021,13-lipca-2021/73096,Dziennik-Gazeta-Prawna/757329,Branza-eventowa-jeszcze-sie-nie-rozpedzila.html

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