A large number of restructuring proceedings are ongoing

A large number of restructuring proceedings are ongoing

The number of opened restructuring proceedings is constantly increasing.

Data included in the report “Restructuring of enterprises in the second quarter of 2021. Analysis and interpretation of restructuring proceedings ”allow us to draw several conclusions.

First of all, there is still an increase in the number of opened restructuring proceedings. According to experts, entrepreneurs willingly decide to restructure because they constantly experience problems with maintaining financial liquidity. Experts emphasize, however, that despite the large number of open proceedings, the pace of growth is systematically slowing down.

The simplified restructuring procedure invariably leads among all the available types of restructuring. It is justified by the fact that this type of restructuring was originally supposed to be available until the end of June this year. Only a few weeks ago, a decision was made to extend its availability. It is worth adding, however, that experts in the popularity of simplified restructuring perceive a decrease in its effectiveness. They note that the motivation for many entrepreneurs deciding on this type of restructuring is primarily the desire to protect against executions and not necessarily the desire to carry out deeper restructuring.

Source: https://ceo.com.pl/gospodarka-z-nadziejami-ale-firmy-wciaz-maja-problemy-81850

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