More and more optimistic moods

More and more optimistic moods

The moods of many micro, small and medium-sized companies are increasingly optimistic.

The results obtained as a result of the study as part of the next edition of the COVID-19 Barometer are optimistic. Well, a quarter of the surveyed entrepreneurs claim that the situation of their companies will improve in the coming months. The same percentage of respondents believe that the situation of their businesses will not change. On the other hand, a quarter of entrepreneurs expect the situation to worsen.

Experts emphasize that the current trend of more widespread negative assessment of the situation has been broken. A quarter of business owners say the coronavirus pandemic has had a positive impact on their industry. According to experts, such opinions result from getting used to the pandemic that has been going on for over a year.

The industry distinction between optimists and pessimists was also noticed. The first group includes entrepreneurs running production and construction companies, and the second group includes owners of hotels and catering companies.


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