Returns in the billions

Returns in the billions

Returns of subsidies granted by the Polish Development Fund (PFR) are counted in billions.

For several months now, the subsidies granted by the Polish Development Fund under the first financial shield have been settled. The said settlement takes one of three forms: complete cancellation of the granted support, partial cancellation or the necessity to return the entire amount granted. The total amount of subsidies granted at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic was PLN 61 billion. According to the findings so far, PLN 1.2 billion has been granted to entrepreneurs who should not receive the above-mentioned financial support. PFR claims that contradictions resulting from incorrect calculation of turnover are responsible for these irregularities. Such entrepreneurs will be obliged to return the support. This applies primarily to: exchange offices, entrepreneurs operating in wholesale trade and industrial processing, but also in the catering, transport, warehouse and real estate industries.


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