The number of sole proprietorships is decreasing

The number of sole proprietorships is decreasing

It has been observed that the number of sole proprietorships is decreasing.

In the past six months, the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) noted that nearly 83,000 applications for termination of sole proprietorship were submitted to it. Comparing these data with the same period last year, this year’s increase by 18% can be seen. According to experts, this is a delayed effect of the support provided to entrepreneurs under the anti-crisis shields. In this respect, two phenomena have been observed. Firstly, with the receipt of financial aid, entrepreneurs were obliged to run their business for the period of the year that was just passing. Secondly, sole proprietorships were often clients of large entrepreneurs who ended their cooperation with the self-employed when they ceased to receive financial support. However, specialists indicate that in order to fully assess the situation, it is necessary to trace the data on the registration of new companies. They claim that many entrepreneurs who have closed their current businesses may return to the market with another company.


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