Greater effectiveness while maintaining good relationships

Greater effectiveness while maintaining good relationships

Greater efficiency while maintaining good relations after recovering outstanding debts.

In April, we informed that companies from the small, medium and large sector are reluctant to decide to carry out debt collection in relation to contractors who are in arrears with payment of their debts. Most often, companies did not use this option for fear of deterioration or even loss of their current contractors – debtors. In this way, the phenomenon of payment gridlocks increases, thus hindering the proper and smooth functioning of enterprises.

Apparently, however, the approach to debt collection has changed. Such conclusions are prompted by the data presented in the report “Relationships between contractors after collection order”. An increasing number of entrepreneurs use the available debt collection options and the option of charging the debtor with the costs of this process. Most of them believe that the relations with counterparties – debtors did not deteriorate as a result.


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