Poles are more and more willing to resort to consumer bankruptcy

Poles are more and more willing to resort to consumer bankruptcy

The amendment to the law made it easier for debtors to declare consumer bankruptcy. As a result, more and more Poles decide to announce it.

In 2021, the average age of people who declared bankruptcy was 49. The youngest person was 12, and most of the bankruptcies are in the 40-49 and 30-39 age group. To a large extent, these are former sole proprietorships who suffered during covid lockdowns.

The increase in insolvency is mainly due to the depletion of funds obtained under the anti-crisis shields. As a result of the loss of financial liquidity, entrepreneurs begin to lay off employees.

In the previous years, half of the bankruptcy petitions were dismissed, now each filing ends with a declaration of bankruptcy. According to MSiG, the number of bankruptcies remains at the level of 1,400 – 1,600 per month.

According to experts of restructuring and bankruptcy law, the situation may change after December 1, 2021, because with the start of the operation of the National Register of Debtors, the number of bankruptcies will increase again.

Source: https://www.prawo.pl/biznes/upadlosc-konsumencka-byli-przedsiebiorcy-chetnie-korzystaja,511380.html

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