A large fusion in the IT market

A large fusion in the IT market

Twelve brands from six countries merged into one international group, Fellowmind, on November 16, 2021

Bonair, which has been present on the Polish market for 30 years, joined Fellowmind last year. On November 16, it officially turned into Fellowmind Poland.

In total, twelve companies are involved in the rebranding. As a result of the merger, Fellowmind will have 35 regional branches in Denmark, Finland, Poland, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands. The company’s total turnover may reach EUR 240 million per year. The company will employ approximately 1,750 people in total.

Over the next year, Fellowmind wants to hire another 500 specialists. Fellowmind Poland itself plans to increase employment by 20-30%.

The company is expected to grow over the next five years and maintain its position as the European leader in Microsoft business applications. This means that further acquisitions are possible, also in Poland.

Source: https://www.rp.pl/biznes/art19105401-duza-fuzja-na-rynku-it-12-marek-z-6-krajow-laczy-sie-w-partnera-microsoftu

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