It is harder for companies to get their money back

It is harder for companies to get their money back

Only in the third quarter of this year, liabilities overdue by at least 30 days towards small and medium-sized enterprises increased by PLN 1.3 billion, according to data from BIG Info Monitor and the Credit Information Bureau. During the year, the increase amounted to as much as PLN 4 billion, to PLN 38.5 billion.

Trade has the biggest problems with collecting receivables. Over the past six months, as much as 43 percent of trading companies dealt with contractors who are late with payment more than 60 days. In the case of transport and services, every third entrepreneur has a similar problem. On the other hand, in construction and industry, the problem with unreliable payers is signaled by 25 and 23 percent, respectively entities. At the same time, the quality of settlements slightly improved in trade, industry and transport over the last quarter. There was no improvement in services and construction.

According to the surveyed entrepreneurs, the most common reason for non-payment is that debtors themselves do not receive money from their contractors on time. Another reason is the deliberate financing of debtors themselves at the expense of their creditors.



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