Companies are planning to escape the Polish Order

Companies are planning to escape the Polish Order

One third of entrepreneurs are considering moving their business to another EU country after the Polish Order comes into force.

These are the conclusions of a survey conducted by InFakt, a company that asked entrepreneurs running sole proprietorship what they think about Polish Order. It turns out that only 1% of respondents are not afraid of tax changes that will come into force next year. On the other hand, most of them negatively assess the solutions proposed in the Polish Order. Companies are afraid of higher taxes and premiums. In their opinion, the Polish Order will lead to an increase in costs, and then they may have to bear the price. Moreover, the surveyed companies said that after the changes come into force, tax regulations will be even more complicated than before.

Half of the companies will look for a way to reduce the tax burden. As many as 18 percent are considering closing their business and 11 percent are considering suspending it. Every third company surveyed will want to change the form of taxation. Meanwhile, 34% of respondents want to avoid unfavorable changes by moving their business to another EU country.



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