Debt of logistics companies is growing

Debt of logistics companies is growing

The debt of logistics companies listed in the National Debt Register (KRD) has increased by 27 percent since the beginning of the pandemic, to PLN 1.24 billion.

The average debt is higher by PLN 9.5 thousand. Almost a thousand debtors have arrived. As many as 71% of the logistics companies listed in the KRD are sole proprietorships. Increasing indebtedness of the industry is the result of strong competition on the European markets and changes in the law. Moreover, very long payment terms are a standard in this industry. Logistics companies are also negatively affected by the rapid increase in fuel prices. Next year, the industry may be affected by an even deeper crisis. This will be influenced by the mobility package and regulations concerning salaries for drivers in international traffic.

In addition, there is a shortage of people willing to work in this industry. The deficit on the Polish market is even 200 thousand drivers.


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