German energy suppliers go bankrupt

German energy suppliers go bankrupt

The Saxon company Dreischtrom filed for bankruptcy in early December. This is already the fifth victim of the energy crisis in Germany.

According to information from the magazine “Wirtschafts Woche”, the following energy suppliers have also recently declared bankruptcy: Fulminant Energie, Lition Energie, Otima Energie and Smiling Green Energy. In total, there are about 1,100 electricity suppliers and about 900 gas suppliers in Germany. Due to rising costs, many companies have raised their prices. But in some cases, this has not helped save business.

The rapidly rising electricity prices and the increase in wholesale gas prices are having a negative impact mainly on smaller suppliers. They are not able to raise prices to their customers.

In Poland, energy prices are also growing faster. However, the situation of energy suppliers is more stable than that of German companies.



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