Dutch energy suppliers collapse

Dutch energy suppliers collapse

Last week, the company Naked Energy went bankrupt. This is the sixth energy company to go bankrupt in the Netherlands since the energy crisis began.

Earlier companies such as Welkom Energie, Enstroga, Fenor, Anoda Energie and Allure Energie have already gone bankrupt. The bankruptcy of Naked Energy was announced last week by the Dutch Consumer and Market Authority (ACM). The company could not supply gas due to high gas prices. Its customers are to be transferred to another company. However, this may mean that they will have to conclude contracts at much higher prices than before.

In Europe, the price of gas has increased more than eight times compared with last year. The recent record increase in this raw material was caused by the restriction of its supplies through the Yamal gas pipeline.

Source: https://www.pb.pl/bankructwo-kolejnej-firmy-energetycznej-w-niderlandach-1137053

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