Government wants to put hospitals into debt

Government wants to put hospitals into debt

The Ministry of Health informed that hospitals will receive PLN 3 billion from the state budget for debt relief.

This is provided for by the assumptions of the reform, which the Health Ministry has been preparing for over a year. The first step is to divide hospitals into 4 categories – from A to D. Those establishments which are in the weakest condition will be placed in category D. They are to receive advisory and financial support, which will help them to get out of crisis.

The hospital can also count on debt write-off. In total, PLN 3 billion will be allocated for this purpose. It is more than the current due debt of hospitals. It is at the level of 2.3 billion PLN. Sławomir Gadomski, the Deputy Minister of Health, assures that in order to receive the money for cancellation, hospitals will have to introduce a restructuring plan. Restructuring proceedings will be conducted in commercial courts. This is to ensure greater security for creditors and transparency for the founding bodies. The changes in hospitals will be supervised by the Hospital Development Agency (ARS).

The Ministry of Health wants the act to come into force in 2023. However, it still awaits consultations and talks in the Sejm.

The debt of hospitals after the third quarter of this year reached over 17 billion zlotys. A year ago it was by PLN 2 billion lower. Within two years, it increased by PLN 3 billion.


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