Companies can count on government assistance again

Companies can count on government assistance again

Entrepreneurs can apply for support from the new anti-crisis shield until 15 April 2022. A total of PLN 70 million is to go to them.

The aid is aimed at entrepreneurs who need to adjust their business to the difficulties created by the restrictions that the government introduced in December 2021. It applies to entities carrying out on 31 March 2021 the predominant economic activity, marked with one of the following three PKD codes: 56.30.Z, 93.29.A and 93.29.Z. These are mainly entertainment and leisure companies. The anti-crisis shield provides them with one-off grants, exemption from ZUS premiums and a parking benefit.

There are also still preferential loans available under the PFR Shield for large companies. The government recently passed a resolution extending the deadline for granting them until 31 March 2022. However, the disbursement of the money can take place until 30 June 2022. A preferential loan is a support granted in the form of public aid. Up to 75 per cent can be written off.


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