It will be a difficult year for companies

It will be a difficult year for companies

The biggest challenge for employers this year will be maintaining liquidity.

Employees have increasingly high wage claims. In addition, the Polish Order imposes new burdens on companies. In general, there is a lot of chaos in connection with the new regulations. Especially complicated are the regulations related to the calculation of the new health contribution. Many employees will receive lower salaries as a result, which employers will have to compensate for somehow.

There is also a lot of concern about the pandemic that is still going on and the lack of provisions to organise work. Inflation, rising prices and broken supply chains are another concern.

The increase in the minimum wage to PLN 3010 will also be a challenge for entrepreneurs in the new year. Employers will also have to deal with a shortage of labour. This issue will be helped somewhat by changes in the law on foreigners, which will allow companies to more often reach for workers from outside the European Union. However, changes are also needed in the domestic market. According to experts, it is worth rationalising social spending for people of working age.

In 2021, the number of insolvent companies increased strongly. By November, the number of bankruptcies was at 385 cases, but the number of restructurings reached as many as 1823.



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