Anti-inflation shield will not protect companies

Anti-inflation shield will not protect companies

Under the Anti-Inflation Shield, the government wants to protect consumers from price rises. However, it has forgotten about entrepreneurs

Gas and energy price rises have reached several hundred percent. This is a big problem for many companies. However, entrepreneurs will have to rely on themselves. The anti-inflation shield allows business purchasers of gas to be covered by zero VAT on this raw material. However, that is where the relief for business ends.

The catering industry may be the first to suffer from the rise in electricity and gas prices. Bakeries will also suffer. It is entrepreneurs who are most threatened by the wave of bankruptcies. As a result of rising energy prices, many companies will cease to operate profitably.

Businesses will also have to contend with the increased tax and storage burdens which the Polish Deal provides. In addition, the prices of materials and raw materials are rising. And the pressure on wage increases is increasing.



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