BookBook stores go bankrupt

BookBook stores go bankrupt

The company Dom Książki, which owns the BookBook bookshop, filed for bankruptcy.

It was submitted to the Warsaw district court. The company Dom Książki was established in 1950. During the communist era, it had a monopoly on the wholesale and retail sale of books. In 1989, the company had over 2 thousand bookshops. After the political transformation, the company began to decline. In 2015, many branches of Dom Ksiązki were taken over by a company of businessman Kristof Zorde. Despite this, in 2019 the company was again in financial difficulties. In 2020, it opened restructuring proceedings. When it filed for bankruptcy at the end of December 2021, it already had only 38 bookshops.

A few years ago, the Matras chain also went bankrupt. Currently, Empik and Świat Książki lead the market.



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