Laundries on the brink of bankruptcy

Laundries on the brink of bankruptcy

Some laundry companies may soon go bankrupt – appeals the Polish Laundry Foundation. This will be caused by three factors.

One of them is the necessity to return subsidies, which some laundry companies received within the financial shield of PFR. This is the result of unclear regulations. Another factor is the very high operating costs. The increase in gas prices is responsible for this. For example, one of the laundries, which until now paid about 35 thousand PLN a month for gas, in December its bill amounted to 210 thousand PLN. The last factor is the lower demand for laundry services. It is the result of the pandemic and the collapse of the tourist industry. The amount of laundry in hotels, among others, has dropped by half.

The industry is calling for a temporary exemption from Social Security, subsidies to employees’ salaries and freezing of gas prices for laundry companies.



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