Marie Zélie in restructuring

Marie Zélie in restructuring

The Gdańsk-based clothing company has implemented one of the restructuring procedures.- proceedings for approval of an arrangement. The case falls under the jurisdiction of the restructuring court in Gdansk.

On Monday 14 February, a notice appeared in the National Debt Register setting the day of arrangement. The supervisor of the arrangement in the restructuring proceedings of Marie Zélie is the company Kubiczek Michalak Sokół.

Marie Zélie is a Gdansk-based clothing company that specialises in the production of dresses. The company has been on the market for 5 years and has positioned itself as a premium brand. It has grown rapidly thanks to the community it has managed to build around the brand. In 2021, it employed 50 people. Recently, her female customers complained that they were not getting paid for returned goods.

She announced her problems in a Facebook post. In the past year, it failed to increase its sales volume and failed to reach the break-even point. The company took measures to reduce operating costs. Despite this, its liquidity problems caused its liabilities to public institutions, contractors and investors to accumulate. The company lost liquidity and decided to restructure. It asserts that its aim is to get back on track. It wants to repay all debts, with priority given to customers. Marie Zélie plans to return to timely returns in the coming weeks.

In turn, Bartosz Sokół, president of Kubiczek Michalak Sokół, a licensed restructuring advisor and lawyer, explains that he is currently working together with Marie Zélie to construct an optimal restructuring plan and arrangement proposals. He adds that the company has stable operations, continues to sell and wants to increase its scale of operations and flows. To date, it has not entered into any arrangement in restructuring proceedings. Most probably, it also does not plan group layoffs.


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