Furniture industry in good shape

Furniture industry in good shape

Furniture makers estimate that the industry’s sales revenue last year will reach 13 billion PLN. Employment levels reached 200,000 employees. This is better than before the pandemic, in 2019.

Michał Strzelecki, director of the Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, explains that no company bankruptcies are observed in the industry either. Despite this, the current year is a big unknown. Last year was not easy either, despite good results. Entrepreneurs had to struggle with high prices of basic raw materials, such as furniture boards and wood.

The good results of the industry were influenced by higher furniture prices and an increase in the volume of products. Polish furniture sales to the USA increased by more than a quarter. EU countries, mainly Germany and France, also bought more furniture.

However, the sector is highly fragmented, which makes it difficult to negotiate product prices in the West. As a result, prices are dictated by concerns that have monopolised the supply of certain production materials.

The hope for the industry to get out of trouble is the integration of the sector and the consolidation of fragmented companies.


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