Volkswagen Poznań suspends production

Volkswagen Poznań suspends production

From 10 March the Volkswagen plants in Poznań and Września have suspended car production. This is a result of supply chain disruptions caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The outbreak of war has hindered the supply of components manufactured in Ukraine, such as electrical harnesses. Dietmar Mnich, President of Volkswagen Poznań, reports that the company has set up crisis teams. They are to determine the possible effects of the war on the company’s activities on an ongoing basis. He assured that the company is striving to make the interruption in production as short as possible. Volkswagen Poznań produces VW Caddy and VW Transporter delivery vans. The company is one of the largest employers in Wielkopolska. It employs 11 thousand persons.

At the level of the whole group, Volkswagen decided to suspend exports of vehicles and their production to Russia. The company closes two Russian factories where Volkswagen and Skoda cars are produced.


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