Polish companies are closing factories in the East

Polish companies are closing factories in the East

Businesses are reducing their sales to the East. They are also closing factories that operate on markets affected by the armed conflict.

There are a dozen or so large Polish factories in Ukraine in the furniture, construction, pharmaceutical, food and plastics industries. Most of them closed their factories in the country shortly after the war broke out. The Polish Investment and Trade Agency (PAIH) estimates that these companies employ a total of tens of thousands of workers. Among them are Cersanit and Śnieżka. The factory of the latter company is located in the Lviv region, where the clashes have not reached. Fakro has also stopped production at its plant in Ukraine.

Entrepreneurs who operate in Ukraine will be assisted by the PAIH. The Agency will help them in relocating, searching for terrains for investments and looking for new markets. It also offers its support to Polish entrepreneurs operating in Russia and Belarus. In Russia Boryszew suspended production. It has a company there, which produces components for cars.

According to PAIH data, 534 Polish companies are registered in Russia. In total they employ 10,500 people. The agency estimates that 140 of them have a factory in this country. In turn, about 20 medium-sized and large factories with Polish capital operate in Belarus. They operate in the furniture industry, food processing, building materials, chemicals and rubber products.

Source: https://biznes.gazetaprawna.pl/artykuly/8374255,wojna-w-ukrainie-polskie-firmy-ograniczaja-i-zamykaja-swoje-fabryki.html


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