Yolo has filed for bankruptcy

Yolo has filed for bankruptcy

The listed company has simultaneously filed for the opening of sanitation proceedings and for bankruptcy.

The company said that the application for sanitation will be considered first. If such proceedings can be opened, the bankruptcy application will not be considered.

It has lost its ability to meet its maturing monetary obligations. This happened as a result of the establishment of security for the execution of outstanding tax liabilities. The head of the Małopolski Urząd Celno-Skarbowy in Kraków set the amount of the company’s tax liability and interest due at more than PLN 28 million.

Yolo has been listed on the WSE since 2011. At the beginning of its operations, the company was active in the financial sector. However, last year it sold a portfolio of loan receivables. Its new business was to be electromobility.

Source: https://www.bankier.pl/wiadomosc/Yolo-zlozylo-wnioski-o-otwarcie-postepowania-sanacyjnego-i-upadlosciowego-8309806.html

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