There will be more victims of sanctions

There will be more victims of sanctions

Medmix and Sulzer were on the sanction list announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Both had to suspend production.

Medmix is a manufacturer of medical accessories and fluids. Sulzer, on the other hand, manufactures pumps, among other things. Medmix and Sulzer were put on the sanctions list because their minority shareholder is Wiktor Wekselberg, a Russian oligarch and billionaire. However, his assets were frozen by these companies in 2018 when US sanctions covered him. Since then, he has not been able to reap the financial benefits of owning shares in these companies.

Both Medmix and Sulzer have applied for urgent removal from the MIA list. The legal analyses they submitted confirm that the Russian oligarch has no control over them. However, three weeks have passed since the list was published, and the applications have not yet been processed. The companies have had to suspend production. The Medmix Poland plant has 300 employees, almost 100 contractors and 240 local suppliers. Sulzer, on the other hand, employs 192 people and has hundreds of customers, contractors and suppliers.

The first victim of the sanctions is Go Sport, which recently filed for bankruptcy. Meanwhile, Maga Foods, a producer of vegetable salads, which was placed on the Interior Ministry’s list despite having no ties to Russian capital, is struggling to survive.



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