The photovoltaic industry is struggling

The photovoltaic industry is struggling

Companies in the photovoltaic industry face many challenges. More and more external factors are making their business difficult.

The renewable energy sector has suffered from less favorable subsidies and a new way of billing prosumers. As a result, demand from residential customers has collapsed since April. However, changes in the law are not the only problem negatively affecting the results of Polish photovoltaic companies. They also have to cope with high inflation, which results in higher costs. The companies have been put under a lot of cost pressure. The war in Ukraine is also not favourable for photovoltaics. It makes it difficult to obtain any goods from Ukraine and Russia. Moreover, the war has increased investors’ risk aversion.

Already in the past year, shares of photovoltaic companies were heavily discounted. The price per share of Columbus Energy fell by 70 percent, Stilo Energy by 81 percent, and ML System by 46 percent. This year it is even worse.  Columbus recorded a loss of 4 million zł in the first quarter. Stilo Energy also has problems, its board decided to review strategic options. There are no results of ML System yet.


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