Carrefour Polska has a new owner

Carrefour Polska has a new owner

The Polish branch of Carrefour in our country is to be taken over by Mid Europa Partners fund. It is a shareholder in Allegro and the Romanian retail chain Profi.

Carrefour in Poland was put up for sale a year ago. The French magazine “Challenges” informed about it. Carrefour wanted to get rid of two local branches – in Poland and Taiwan. The search for a buyer was commissioned to KMPG consulting company.

At the end of 2021, there were 955 Carrefour stores in our country (91 hypermarkets, 151 supermarkets, 704 convenience stores and 9 discount stores.), and 935 in the first quarter. Sales amounted to more than 20 billion euros, 9 percent more than a year ago.

Carrefour has recently exited the Slovakian market. The Italian division, on the other hand, is struggling for profitability. Carrefour intends to close 106 of its stores in that country. In Belgium, the main master franchisee has withdrawn from cooperation with Carrefour.


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