Próchnik returns to the market

Próchnik returns to the market

The brand, which declared bankruptcy four years ago, will be on the market again, because the rights to it were taken over by Lancerto’s CEO.

The change of Próchnik’s owner and transfer of rights to the brand took place in January this year. Tomasz Ciąpała, president of Lancerto, a company offering elegant clothes for men, said that he had watched the Próchnik bankruptcy process. He also conducted research on the brand’s recognition. The research showed that the company is much more recognizable than Lancerto. In addition, it is associated with good style and high quality. Próchnik already has an established position on the market. So its development is a much better business idea than starting a new brand from scratch.

The new Próchnik is going to offer clothes from higher shelf. Apart from clothes for men the offer will also include products for women. Premiere of the first collection will take place early next year. Its launch, together with purchase of rights to the brand and preparation of a sales system will cost around a dozen million zlotys.


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