District heating networks on the verge of bankruptcy

District heating networks on the verge of bankruptcy

Heating bills would have to go up even by 300% for the heating networks to come out of zero.

Representatives of the Regional Section of the Heat Engineering NSZZ “Solidarność” in Katowice and the Silesian-Dabrowa “S” inform about the difficult situation of the heating sector. In their opinion, many heating plants may not survive the winter. In case of many of them losses will significantly exceed their own capitals. Then they will have to declare bankruptcy.

Their condition is adversely affected by very high fees for CO2 emission and growing rates for coal, which is still a dominant raw material in this sector. During one year it rose by 72.2%. In order to come out on top, heating plants would have to raise prices for heating by 300%. The industry is demanding a government support system.

Source: https://nettg.pl/gornictwo/187545/zwiazkowcy-alarmuja-cieplowniom-grozi-bankructwo


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