Photovoltaic companies on the verge of bankruptcy

Photovoltaic companies on the verge of bankruptcy

Entrepreneurs installing photovoltaics in years past had plenty of orders. Today, they are facing the specter of bankruptcy.

Orders for domestic photovoltaic installations have slowed down considerably this year. This is a result of new regulations, which have introduced a more complicated billing system for home photovoltaic owners. Many smaller companies operating in this industry may not survive. However, big players also have problems. Columbus Energy is one of the largest players in the micro photovoltaic market. Last year the company had a net loss of 16.4 million PLN, and in the first quarter of this year the loss is already 13.8 million PLN.  Columbus has also violated some financial ratios required by loan agreements. In order to survive, it has to sell its solar farms and significantly cut costs. However, high hopes are placed on the sale of heat pumps.

According to Columbus Energy’s CEO, many small businesses don’t have the potential or resources to stay in business. Those who can provide customers with panels or heat pumps and effective IT solutions to manage energy costs will survive.


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