Furniture industry in a difficult situation

Furniture industry in a difficult situation

The current sanctions are losing Polish furniture companies, while Russian and Belarusian companies are gaining. This threatens a wave of bankruptcies among Polish furniture manufacturers.  

The All-Poland Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers has appealed to the Prime Minister to introduce economic sanctions on Russia and Belarus. They would block the import of furniture and furniture parts from those countries to Poland and the entire European Union. The existing sanctions prohibit Polish furniture companies from buying wood-based materials and raw wood in Russia and Belarus. In contrast, entrepreneurs operating in Russia and Belarus can sell their products in Poland and the EU. The domestic companies are losing out on this, while Russian and Belarusian companies are gaining. Polish producers are blocked from buying cheaper raw material from Russia and Ukraine, while entrepreneurs from those countries import furniture using it. They sell them about 30 percent cheaper than Polish furniture makers. If the situation does not change, the furniture industry is threatened by a wave of bankruptcies and mass layoffs of workers.

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