Corporate debt has fallen

Corporate debt has fallen

For the time being, the situation in the economy is not affecting companies’ ability to pay their debts. They have about PLN 2 billion less in debts than a year and a half ago.

The payment situation of companies is improving, according to data from the National Debt Register (KRD). At the end of 2020, the total overdue debt of companies appearing in the KRD database amounted to PLN 11.2 billion. Currently, it is PLN 9.2 billion. The number of debtors has also fallen, from 284.6 thousand, to 274.2 thousand. In addition, the average value of debt is lower, at 33.5 thousand zlotys.

At the same time, companies that have been in business for the tenth year are struggling with the most debt. Among them, the largest number are construction and trading companies. A total of 16 thousand companies have debts. They amount to 507 million zlotys. The largest has a construction company from the Subcarpathian region, which owes contractors as much as PLN 8.7 million.

Among companies with seven years of experience, 16.3 thousand entities have problems with repayment. They must repay 26.9 thousand creditors PLN 493 million. They are also mostly construction and trading companies. Companies operating in the market for less than a year and those that have been in operation for one to three years are doing well with repayment of liabilities.


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