Shipping companies suffer through LNG prices

Shipping companies suffer through LNG prices

Transport entrepreneurs who invested in LNG-powered vehicles are facing solvency problems today.

The Employers’ Association “Transport and Logistics Poland” (TLP) estimates that dozens of larger transport companies in Poland have invested in LNG or CNG-powered vehicles over the past two-three years. Including smaller companies, about 2,500 trucks are powered by liquid gas. The companies decided to make such an investment for the sake of environmental protection and reducing their carbon footprint. Today, LNG prices are so high that it is not profitable for many of them to run trucks powered by this gas. They are starting to have solvency problems. In the future, it could be even worse, as the price of LNG will rise. Already today the cost of driving 1 km for an LNG truck is about €0.2 higher than for the same vehicle burning diesel. The transport industry has asked the government for help in view of this situation. So far, no response.


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