Gas prices paralyze operations of many companies

Gas prices paralyze operations of many companies

Reduced production of nitrogen fertilizer results in a shortage of carbon dioxide and dry ice. This is hitting the food industry hard.

Last week, the Azoty Group and the Anwil Group announced a reduction in nitrogen fertilizer production. The reason for the decision is high gas prices. This move negatively affects companies in many industries.

Above all, halting fertilizer production means problems with access to the byproducts of such production – carbon dioxide and dry ice. Carbon dioxide is widely used in the production of carbonated beverages, among other things.  Bartlomiej Morzycki, director general of the Union of Employers of the Brewing Industry in Poland Browary Polskie, says its shortage poses a direct threat to the continuity of production of brewing plants. The suspension of beer production has already been announced by Carlsberg.

However, it is not only brewing plants that have a problem. Carbon dioxide and dry ice are used by all beverage and food manufacturers. The food industry uses them for refrigeration and disinfection. A shortage of these ingredients could spell real disaster for meat, dairy, beverage and fruit and vegetable processing plants. Representatives of these sectors are already appealing to the government for help.


Grupa Azoty i Anwil wstrzymują produkcję przez drogi gaz. Brak CO2 uderzy w branżę mięsną, mleczarską i piwowarską


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